3 Ways To Master ENTREPRENEUR Without Breaking A Sweat – Ebuka Akara discusses on Get familiar with your Brand Influencer @ebuka_akara


As an Entrepreneur the question “how to start without making mistakes is inevitable however, it shouldn’t be grievous to the extent of giving up “.

Life is too short to expect that you can learn all the necessary lessons from your own mistakes.
That’s why it’s important you watch others and learn how not to repeat their mistakes.
Average people learn from their mistakes.
Smart people learn from other people’s mistakes.”

In Business, most time it is advisable one solve this problem before getting too far ahead of yourself, make sure that you start a business on the right foot.

Today on this episode of Getting familiar with your brand influencers, Brand influencer; a graduate of Geography and Education Management from the University of Port Harcourt. and the CEO of  Ebuka Akara  Media.

Ebuka Akara enlightened us on 3 Ways To Master ENTREPRENEUR Without Breaking A Sweat

Merchantcolony: Can We meet you?

Ebuka Akara: My name is Ebuka Akara. I’m a social media influencer and I love fried chicken.

MerchantColony: Can you tell us about your family background?

Ebuka Akara: I come from a family of five. Ndoki in Oyigbo local government, Rivers State.

MerchantColony: Discuss Your Educational Background?

Ebuka Akara: I’m a graduate of Geography and Education Management from the University of Port Harcourt

Merchantcolony: Do You Have Any Hobbies? if yes what is it?

Ebuka Akara: I watch football and TV series.

Merchantcolony: What inspired you to go into becoming A brand / social media influencer?

Ebuka Akara: Grin, Na babe i find go twitter go find originally but today the story is different. I realized that I had amassed a large audience and I connected with them in various ways.

Merchantcolony: if You Win $50 Million Lottery, Would You Still Work as a brand influencer?

Ebuka Akara: Yes but I won’t work so much anymore.

Merchantcolony: Can you please Tell us about An Accomplishment You Are Most Proud Of?

Ebuka Akara: I haven’t accomplished much in life but I would say getting a degree and being recognized by people because of the work I do online.

Merchantcolony: Talking about mentorship, what’s your point of view, and do you have any?

Ebuka Akara: There are a couple of people I look up to and learn from. They consider me as friends so I won’t really call them mentors but they are.

Not a person but an agency. Brooks and Blake. They helped me grow when I was still at the grassroots.

Merchantcolony: What are your favorite tools as a social media/ brand influencer?

Ebuka Akara: Twitter. It’s seamless to use and easy to track.

Merchantcolony: What 3 things anyone starting in the industry need to know?

Ebuka Akara: Find a niche. Something you love and do well.

Get a good sizeable audience

Connect with them. Create conversations.

Merchantcolony: If your audience is looking to break into the brand influencing industry, What are the 3 most important things anyone starting in the industry need to know?

Ebuka Akara: It’s not about No. of followers
You can’t influence if you can’t get people to share their opinions
Find a media tool you’re more comfortable with. Twitter. Instagram. Facebook.

Merchantcolony: What would you do differently if you were starting in your industry now?

Ebuka Akara: I would focus on Sports.

Merchantcolony: What would you say is the #1 key to success in business?

Ebuka Akara: These three go hand in hand. Hard work, networking, and Connections.

Merchantcolony: Talking about the biggest failure you’ve had. How did you solve it? and What did you learn from it?

Ebuka Akara: Biggest failure? That would be when I tried to do damage control for a brand and it backfired.
I had to change strategy and pacify the audience while issuing apologies and at the same time painting the brand in such a way that they know they are wrong and are ready to make amends and do better. The customer is king.

Merchantcolony: What has been your biggest customer success story? Why do you think it was a success?

Ebuka Akara: I consider every successful campaign a success story.

Merchantcolony: What does a typical day in your week look like?

Ebuka Akara: Me looking at a TV or phone or Computer screen.

Merchantcolony: What keeps you going when things get tough in your business?

Ebuka Akara: The fact that I know some people look up to me.

Merchantcolony: Are There Aspect in media influencing That Are Repetitious?

Ebuka Akara: Yes sometimes.

Merchantcolony: On a scale of 1-10, How would you rate brand and media Influencers in Nigeria?

Ebuka Akara: 8/10 Social Media is the new Media. Newspapers will go extinct in the near future.

Ebuka Akara is a brand influencer who works with individuals and organizations. He has worked with several top Nigerian and international brands.

He is the founder of Ebuka Akara Media. A social media marketing company. He also owns ebukaakara.com an online blog dedicated to giving updates on Politics and Sports.

Connect With Ebuka Akara:
Twitter – @ebuka_akara
Instagram – @ebuka.akara
Website: www.ebukaakara.com

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