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Agu Smith Chukwuebuka once again drops a single from his debut album (Sold Out) which is set to drop sometime in the coming year 2019.

Ekele which is an Igbo word that simply means “Thanks” is a song of worship to God for many unexplainable deeds he has done. A believer is wrapped in love and where love abounds gratitude surely does too.

“Our gratitude to God shouldn’t be based on physical things we see, feel or touch. The love of God is second to none, How can Jesus die while we were yet helpless, hopeless, unapologetic and unrepentant” – Smith shares.

You have triumphed gloriously
Won the battle all for me
Ekele diri gi (thanks be to you)

For the wonders you’ve done
For peace undeniable
For grace you have given

For the victories you’ve won
For Joy that I can’t explain
For making me your won

For making me stay still
Fighting by your hands
And giving me victory
For your precious sacrifice
You did once and for all
And now am more than a Conqueror
My heart will always sing

Ekele diri gi (thanks be to you) (3x)

The chariots and their riders you have hurled into the sea,
Oh God,
Ekele diri gi (thanks be to you)You have triumphed gloriously
Won the battle all for me
Oh my God,
Ekele diri gi

Ekele diri gi (otuto diri gi)
Ekele diri gi (You’ve always been there for me)
Ekele diri gi (Imela, for shinning your light on me)
Ekele diri gi (you’ve given me a new song)
Ekele diri gi (Agbakwuru ezuruike)
Ekele diri gi (You’ve made awesome miracles out of my mess, Lord)
Ekele diri gi (Chukwu moo… ooo… oooh)

See how you dug me out of the pit
Where darkness, guilt and sin hid me all the while
Ekele diri gi (2x)

Watch video below:

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