Am into music fully,That’s what I have been doing since my secondary school days. – Mr Multi


interview with Mr. Multi  -

Merchantcolony Exclusive Interview: Mr. Multi talks about his journey as a Professional Guitarist.

Read the full interview below:

Merchantcolony: May we know you?
Mr. Multi: I am Kunle Olajide Professionally known as Mr. Multi
Merchantcolony: Where are you from?
Mr. Multi: I am from Ibadan Oyo State
MerchantColony: We heard you play officially for Dr. Yinka Ayefele, what inspired you to be a guitarist?
Mr. Multi: Yes by God’s grace. I have always loved the tone and the shape of the instrument.
My desire to learn increase every day.
Had to do a whole lot of rehearsals so as to meet up with the level of the best guitarists in town then

interview with Mr. Multi  -

MerchantColony: How did you discover your talent??

Mr. Multi: I discovered my talent when I started playing and people around were amazed at my playing even great guitarists then were like “wow, you are really improving”.  

And I even noticed that am more convenient playing guitar compared to playing other instruments…

Merchantcolony: What other instrument do you play aside from the guitar?
Mr. Multi: I play the piano.
Merchantcolony: That Sounds interesting, Does that mean you didn’t start with the guitar?

Mr. Multi: No,I started with the keyboard, became versatile on it and could play on all keys conveniently.  
Later, I decided to shift my attention to the guitar since I really love the instrument
interview with Mr. Multi  -
MerchantColony: Can you tell us about your educational background?
Mr. Multi: Well I had my alma mater at Christ National Nursery and Primary in the city of Ibadan.
From there to Ibadan Christ Apostolic Grammar School popularly known as (CAC) for my secondary school education.
To widen my scope I proceed to the University of Ibadan where I studied English Education(2008)
MerchantColony: Are you married or single?
Mr. Multi: “chucks” I’m not married yet, I’m Single.
MerchantColony: What are the challenging moments you’ve ever faced in your music career?
Mr. Multi:  I have faced a lot of challenges …  The first very first challenge came when  I listened to Agboola shadare’s Album.  
I was like wow!  If a Nigerian Guitarist can play like this, I will try my best too. 
Getting a good platform to make your dreams come true is another challenge I had. 
Most times when you explain what you have in mind to people they seem not to understand and that’s a challenge.
Though, thank God things are getting better.
MerchantColony: Are you hoping to go into music fully or just based on part-time?
Mr. Multi: Am in music fully, that’s what I have been doing since my secondary school days.
MerchantColony: Our correspondence told us about your recent post on IG with exclusive music producer Tm soundz…We believe something is cooking?

Mr. Multi: Well, we were working on an album in the studio and we felt like we should just share a bit with the fans.
interview with Mr. Multi  -

MerchantColony: What should your fans be expecting in this year 2018?
Mr. Multi: My fans should expect a new single and  lots of video skits
MerchantColony: When will it be dropping officially?
Mr. Multi: Very soon we will release a hot single
interview with Mr. Multi  -
MerchantColony: What advise do you have for up and coming guitarist out there?

Mr. Multi: My advice for the up and coming guitarist is that they should be well focused and master their craft.

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