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In life while struggling to achieve something especially when you don’t have someone to support you financially or anyway else.

 You will always come to a point which you want to give up. Maybe sit down alone cried, think still no hope. 
This point to me has a name and it is called “SUCCESS POINT”
Why is it called SUCCESS POINT? 
because that is the last stage of struggling before crossing to the main stage you were looking for. it is the most difficult and challenging point, it is a point where you may end up loosing if you can’t patiently wait. It is a point that prepares you for your success stage.
This is the stage that examines you to see if you are ready for what you are looking for. It is a stage that tastes you and sees how you will take care of others if you are allowed to go successfully.
Life is just so funny and crazy. 
Learn these things and bear it in mind that life is not a product that gives a warranty. It gives no one #ASSURANCE and gives no extra chance to people who misused the first opportunity that was given to them.
You have a lot to learn as far as life is concern. there is a popular word that says “LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES”. 
A Man that want to survive with boldness will always live with this little but powerful words. 
What’s your passion? 
Have you tried working and bring it to reality?
A man will prefer to go a day without getting close to BREAD ( FOOD ) just to save time and study that thing harder because he knows what he is looking for and he wants to know it by all means #LIFE. 
One of the best success tips is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN MAKE IT. 
If you know this two things and you believe in them then courage will come at the starting point. but if you look up to people, Father’s wealth or anyone else then laziness follows you at the starting point without wasting time.
Sit down and think well before standing up to make the move. 
The formation of the world for this generation has changed, is no more longer how it used to be in those days. Now you need to study life theoretically before putting it to practice. 
Learn to start it alone and see how it will be before approaching people with humility and seek their support.
NOTE: A man’s wealth has no life supporting machine so therefore it may likely go anytime if not managed carefully 
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