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Are you one of the bloggers who is thinking about quitting blogging. The truth is you are going to have your comfort zone back but what would you be doing? Think about that yourself.

A riddle many bloggers has  fail to solve is:
Suppose blogging is a nail you want to pull out of the wall. So what will you need for that?

Most of the bloggers would say “force”, but this is where they get it wrong.
The force alone won’t be able to pull out the nail. You also have to complement it with the right direction all the way. No matter how much force you put, if you are not applying it outwards, it won’t come out.

All the bloggers who are working hard and not being successful are doing this very same thing. They are applying lots of force, but the direction is somewhat improper.

Blogging now is beyond business. It’s a way of networking, meeting people.
If you are involved in a kind of business, tell me what you’d do without people, without networking…
That’s one direction, as a blogger, are you directing your contents to the right audience?

Your blog should give you Personal satisfaction,   social status, and money, or else you’d be a frustrated blogger. To avoid this, Blogging should be done passionately. Also, using the right and easy tools for you.

Blogging provides the platform for influencing. Your influence on people could go a long way. A man is remembered for his deed even when he is dead. The power of the Influencer is nothing compared to any.


Today on this episode of Get familiar with your brand influencer: Elsie Godwin; Brand influencer,  a graduate of Computer science from Lagos state university and having acquired entrepreneurial skills at various levels. And the CEO of Elsie Godwin Blog enlightened us on How Being an INFLUENCER is a WAY of LIFE.

Merchantcolony: Can we meet you?
Elsie Godwin: My name is Elsie Godwin. I like to see myself as a versatile young lady with a keen interest in the use of New Media for business and Social Change.
Merchantcolony: Can you tell us about your family background?
Elsie Godwin: Family…Ok, I lost my Dad at a very tender age. Lost my mom in 2007.
Now I have myself, my younger sister, my elder brother and a large extended family.
Merchantcolony: Discuss Your Educational Background?
Elsie Godwin: That part is pretty much straightforward. Primary school, Secondary school, University…
ok, let’s give more details. I studied Computer Science at Lagos State University, acquired basic entrepreneurial skill from AEP program at Fate Foundation and I am constantly taking up classes on Digital Marketing, Influencer marketing, and PR strategies. I hope to major in DBMS and other professional courses soon.
Merchantcolony: Do You Have Any Hobby? If yes what is it?
Elsie Godwin: My number one hobby has to be what I do. Surfing the internet and creating conversations on my platforms. I love traveling, listening to music, visiting the gym…generally experiencing new places, things, and new challenges.
Merchantcolony: What inspired you to go into becoming a brand / social media influencer?
Elsie Godwin: Being a brand and social media influencer comes with the path I thread.
Even though I started off as a blogger, I will always see myself first as a blogger, before calling myself a Radio host, TV host, content curator and creator, producer, social media/brand strategist, and influencer.
As you grow stronger as a blogger, it opens your mind to various opportunities and ways to touch lives. Being an influencer for a cause, a brand or product is one of the many opportunities I hold.
Merchantcolony: If You Win $50 Million Lottery, Would You Still Work as a brand influencer?
Elsie Godwin: Yes I will. I believe winning such sum will help me influencer on a larger scale and for a better cause. Being an INFLUENCER is a WAY of LIFE.
Merchantcolony: Can you please tell us about An Accomplishment You Are Most Proud Of
Elsie Godwin:  I am proud of my blog…what my team and I, do with the platform
• I am proud of my TV show – Crux of the matter. It started off from radio and now it’s on TV. We have been able to discuss issues that bother on our wellbeing as they affect our relationships.
• I am proud of my book – Oya Start Blogging. I was able to get hundreds of people to consider blogging again and some actually started a new blog. I wrote that book to encourage Blogging as a tool for social change and the feedback makes me proud.
• I am proud of the conversations I start online, directly and indirectly for change.
• I am proud of my personality
• I’m proud of the opportunity to speak to people via my articles on platforms like Guardian and for speaking engagements.
• I am even more proud of the plans we have underway
Merchantcolony: Talking about mentorship, what’s your point of view and do you have any?
Elsie Godwin: I carefully avoid this topic cos I’m not a big fan. I am gradually trying to understand it. I do want my view on mentorship to change and I hope someone can do that for me.
All I can say is, there are so many people I admire, respect, look up to and pick lessons from their way of life and achievement.
They help resound the fact that I can do better with my life. I am happy for what they accomplish with their lives…the things they let us see.  I am on a journey of self-discovery and its quite interesting.
Merchantcolony: Which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why?
Elsie Godwin: LOL let’s not do this please.
Merchantcolony: Was There A Person In Your Career Who Really Made An Impact?
Elsie Godwin: I believe everybody I meet, whether the outcome turns negative or positive, play a vital role in my life.
If I have to mention someone, then it has to be Obinna. He is my friend. He believed in my blog more than I did and became my web guy for free.
I think he does all that for me as a matter of choice and I appreciate him dearly. Asides that, frankly, we are all on this business path.
Merchantcolony: What are your favorite tools as a social media/brand influencer?
Elsie Godwin: Because I focus more on real-time influencing and putting my personality into campaigns I’m part of, I hardly use tools.
It’s usually a direct thing with the social media platforms for me. But that being said, as a blogger and to measure reach and create reports when I handle the major campaign for brands, these tools come in handy – Tweetreach, Sumall, Mailchimp, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Google analytics, Revive old posts, etc
Merchantcolony: What are the 3 things anyone starting in the industry need to know?
Elsie Godwin: • Be original
         • It is hard work
         • Credibility and Consistency Pays
Merchantcolony: What would you do differently if you were starting in your industry now?
Elsie Godwin: I will collaborate more and put myself out there.
Merchantcolony: What would you say is the #1 key to success in business?
Elsie Godwin: It’s simple, have a  “Clear vision”
Merchantcolony: What has been your biggest customer success story? Why do you think it was a success?
Elsie Godwin: Let me share this, I don’t think it’s the biggest but it came at a time when I was questioning my influence and it gave me a push;

* A professor from the University of South Florida sent me an email about a scrabble game app he created to help children learn to spell. He asked that I help him publicize the app by making a post about it on my blog. Few hours after the post was published, he sent this, “I wanted to see if your post had any effect on the game and I am pleased to let you know that the number of impressions has skyrocketed from yesterday.
The last time I had checked it was only about 800. As I write this email it was up to 2000!  This is just based on a few hours on your blog! Again, thank you.” This was in 2016. I was elated and it got me thinking of how my blog can be a tool for positive change.

Merchantcolony: What does a typical day in your week look like?
Elsie: A typical day has me surfing the internet, browsing, pushing contents (paid and personal) online, strategizing and having a meeting.
Merchantcolony: What keeps you going when things get tough in your business?
Elsie Godwin: The greater purpose for what I do – using my platform to teach and reach out. It keeps me going.
Merchantcolony: Are There Aspects of media influencing That Are Repetitious?
Elsie Godwin: Yes there are, but I try to avoid it when unnecessary. Sometimes, being repetitious is highly necessary to achieve a result but as an influencer, you must find interesting ways to pass the same message over and over again.
Merchantcolony: Who really influences the media influencers?
Elsie Godwin: I think most media influencers are already in the loop. So they have authentic details and form their own opinions.
Merchantcolony: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate brand and media Influencers in Nigeria.
Elsie Godwin: well I would say 5.
Thank you for doing this interview.
ELSIE GODWIN is a Nigerian relationship, literature, inspiration, opinion and lifestyle blogger, social media manager, radio and TV talk show host.  
She is the Convener of the Digital Media Talk that was held in Lagos, Nigeria in 2018, and that will also be held in 2019. The conference focuses on using digital media for societal good

Connect With Elsie Godwin:
Twitter – @elsieisy
Instagram – @elsieisy
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    Being an INFLUENCER is a WAY of LIFE – Elsie Godwin discusses on Get familiar with your Brand Influencer @elsieisy » merchantcolony


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