Bishop Mykstrings Debuts “His Presence” New Single || Prod. By Pedro @favouriteemusic


Talented and Prolific songwriter Anibi Michael Abiodun best known as “Bishop Mykstrings” releases a brand new single titled “His Presence”. 

 He hails from osun state, Aro town egbedore local government. He resides in Zaria kaduna state with his family. 

Micheal had his education in Zaria from primary to higher institution. He got a great talent in teaching, coaching and he has good passion for God’s work. He is a music director, he direct, compose and minister well.
He is also an instrumentalist(guitar)
He is loving caring friendly and jovial a free and easy going man, presently he resides at Abeokuta and works with Agropack as an Administrator.

Coming at this yuletide season is a song that brings down God’s presence and takes us to a deeper fellowship with Him.

The tune is sure to bless you as much as it has blessed many who were privileged to listen to it before its official release.
Call: There is none like you cause you reign in majesty
Resp.: Lord you reign
Call: my heart beat of your loving kindness
Resp.: Lord you reign

Chr. Aribiti Yahweh Yahweh /4x

Solo1. Eggs to birds
Seeds to trees
Fluids to babies
And hardship to relief
Zero to hero
Grass to grace
Moon to light
Maker of them all (Back to chr.)

Solo2: In the oceans the fish swims without colliding,
In skies the birds fly without clashing, 

invisible as the wind that we feel upon our chick jesus do them all….(BTC)

Solo3: Spirit of the Lord brooding  narekelamo narekelemo

Solo4: your presence Lord fill this place
Resp. Yahweh yahweh BTC

Facebook/Instagram : @mykelanibi


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