“Don’t measure his spirituality based on his physical expressiveness in the place of worship”- Tolulope Mike- Bamiloye



Mrs. Tolulope Mike- Bamiloye, wife of Joshua Mike- Bamiloye and daughter-in-law to Christian movie producer and founder of Mount Zion movies, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, has taken to her Instagram page to advice single sisters on how to find a good husband.

The wife and daughter in- law to Joshua and Evang. Mike Bamiloye respectively, on Saturday took to her IG page to share some words of advice with single ladies searching for a spiritual husband. She admonished them not to look at the physical appearance of a man before concluding on whether he is spiritual enough or not. She said ;

“In your desire to be with a spiritual BROTHER (which is a good thing), please try not to judge/ measure his spirituality based on his physical expressiveness in the place Of worship or fellowship”.

She advised ladies to look out for inner attributes like if he is truly born again, if he has love of God and his fellow humans if he has faith in the things of God and if he is willing to grow and work towards his spiritual growth.

She also mentioned that sometimes God might have intentionally brought someone you think is not spiritual enough to be groomed because everybody has the potential of becoming and growing to who God wants them to be.

She added;

“Do not just conclude on a person’s level of spirituality at the first glance or based only on their physical expressiveness in the things of God”.


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