Gospel Singer Oluwasheun Reveals how she discovered her style of music @sheun_ad

In an exclusive interview with Merchantcolony, Oluwasheun talks about how she discovered her style of music in the course of her service in the choir.
During her interview she got to talk about being a married woman with kids, how she strike a balance between music and your family

Belew are our questions from the interview. Enjoy as you read.

Merchantcolony: Can we meet you?

Oluwasheun:I’m Ademokun Oluwaseun Opeyemi

Merchantcolony: Where are you from?

Oluwasheun:I hail from Ondo state

We heard about your newly released single ‘In this place’, where do you get your inspiration from?

Oluwasheun: I usually get my inspiration in quietness, especially during worship

How did you discover your talent?

Oluwasheun:I discovered my talent as a little girl. I’ve always loved music. I joined the choir as a little girl for this purpose.

What is your family background like?

Oluwasheun:I was born into a Christian family of four(4) Father, mother, brother and I.

I had a very beautiful childhood and upbringing with my share of education, discipline and adequate love and attention

Can you tell us about your educational background?

Oluwasheun: I attended Command Secondary school, Bode Igbo, Ibadan.I have a diploma in public relations and a degree in English from Olabisi Onabanjo University.
I also have a Masters degree in English from the University of Ibadan. I happen to speak French too.

MerchantcolonyHow did you discover your style of music?

Oluwasheun: I discovered in the course of service in the church choir. Over time, I discovered that there was a style of music peculiar to My personality and voice

MerchantcolonyWhat are the challenging moments you’ve ever faced in your music career?

Oluwasheun: One of the challenges I’ve had to deal with is knowing if a song is right for production and the timing of release was of serious concern to me too

MerchantcolonyAre you hoping to go into music fully or just based on part-time?

Oluwasheun: It’s going to be part-time, I have other areas of interest that I intend to give attention.

MerchantcolonyWhat inspired the song “In this place”?

Oluwasheun: The song was inspired in the place of worship.
It was birthed by an awareness of the workings of the Holy Spirit.

Merchantcolony:: Are you married or single?

Oluwasheun: No, I’m not single. I’m happily married to Sanmi Ademokun. We are blessed with two daughters and a son.

MerchantcolonyAs a married woman with kids, how do you strike a balance between music and your family?

Oluwasheun: smiles, well I am married to a man who understands and encourages the importance of living life to the fullest. I’m often motivated by the desire to be all that God has called me to be. So, in the face of challenges, I simply ask God for strength and wisdom to make it through.

MerchantcolonyWhat should your fans be expecting in the next 5 years?

Oluwasheun: Oh! The future is loaded with awesome surprises. So, they should look forward to seeing Music videos, concerts, powerful singles and EP from Oluwasheun.

MerchantcolonyWhat advice do you have for up and coming artist out there?

Oluwasheun: My advice to up and coming artistes;they should not underrate the importance of preparation before launching out. They shouldn’t be too quick to forget their first love too. God should always take first place in all that they do and He will establish their path.

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