‘It is your fault if you go to hell because of fake pastors’- Mike Bamiloye


Constant reminder and advice is an easy guide for us not to loose direction. Many great men of God are always readily available to direct and remind their flock of what it takes to make heaven and Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, founder of the Mount Zion film institute, is one of those who constantly remind keep us in check with his words of wisdom.

He gave out a piece of advice to all who care to listen and to those who especially might be misled by the existence of fake pastors.

He said;

Why all the screams?

Sir, why are you woRried About the fake pastors?

Why all the fusses?

Why all the screams about fake pastors and ministers of God?

Why are you so surprised,is it something strange?

Are there no fake doctors, fake lawyers, Fake physicians, fake beautIes of fake ladies?

There is a man who dresses like a lady and if you were not informed, you Would be absolutely convinced that he is a lady. And he is being celebrated by many people.

There are fake breasts, fake long hair, fake set Of dentures, fake nose of micheal Jackson and fake eyes.

There are fake men you would think that are ladies and fake ladies you would think are men.

YOU watch movies and you cry becayse somebody died in the movie, did he die for real? You watch movies and become emotional, was it a reality show?

Fake tyres, fake TOOTHPASTE.

He even went ahead to mention that Jesus Christ had a fake disciple, Judas Iscariot who followed Him round for years and ended up selling his master then why do we worry about fake pastors. Fake people and things have been in existence a long time ago and nothing has changed.

He buttressed the fact that if we allow ourselves to be misled by these, then it is of our own making.

If you get confused by the fake pastors, it is your fault,

If you get distracTED by the fake pastors, it is your fault,

If you get duped and scammed by the fake pastors, it is your fault,

If you go to hell because of fake pastors, it is absolutely your fault!!!

His advice summarizes that confusion is of one’s making because there are a lot of fake things out there and as such we should be wise and cautious not to fall prey of any and be deceived to doom.


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