Lyrics: Blessings – Jesus Has The Final Say | @I_Am_Blessings


Verse 1

No matter what you’re going through,
No matter what you face today,
no matter what people say,
don’t let go of He’s hands,
He knows all about it.

Verse 2

He knows what you’re going through
even when it looks like it’s over,
He does as He chooses,
He knows the ending from the beginning,
He’ll pull you through.


Jesus has the final say
Jesus has the final say
He has the final say,
omega has the final say


He knows your limitations,
He knows your ability,
He knows your capability,
HE has the final say, yee ee eeee,
He has the absolute final say
God is speaking right now,
He says No to shame,
He says No to poverty,
Barreness no no no no



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