MUSIC: Kathryn Shipley affirms ”Your Love Is Enough” in a new single


Kathryn Shipley is a gifted country singer-songwriter that brings the passion of her faith to her music. Her new single, “Your Love Is Enough” releases on June 5th, 2020 premiering exclusively on Country Blast Radio and is Debuted on Apple Hot Tracks Country.

“Your Love Is Enough” is a song that captures and conveys the beauty of God’s Love. The song is laced with themes of grace, redemption and speaks of the tenderness of God. It sings of the salvation and the victory of our faith.

In all seasons of our life, our failures and victories, God’s love will always be enough. Kathryn’s vocals are pure and as inspiring and uplifting as the lyrics.

Kathryn recorded her vocals remote in her home state of Missouri due to covid19.

It was important to Kathryn to release this single ahead of schedule with the hope that it will help people recognize that we are in this together and we have God.

“This song is so special to me.. It took so many twists and turns to get recorded because of Covid-19 and I knew that a music video was on the horizon.. (what I live for!) Then the senseless pain we are seeing as a country with the tragic and wrongful deaths, of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Brionna Taylor just in the last few months that the nation has witnessed via media … my heart was sinking it still is.. it reminded me how far we have not moved forward in our mindsets and hearts.. This song makes you want to listen to the lyrics over and over.. It is true what the songwriters deemed this to be.. a song of Grace, Redemption our failures and our victories. Let this song open hearts, shift the way we treat people and most of all capture the essence of Love the way God has intended us to do so…”
– Kathryn Shipley

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Quotable lyrics:
“You called my name,
Your love erased my shame,
Your death it took my place.
Your love is enough, always enough, always enough…”
– Your Love is Enough

The song was produced by Daniel Dennis of Prime Cut Studios in Nashville, TN (music, background vocals, mix & mastering) Daniel Dennis – Prime Cut, Nashville, Tennessee. Producer Quentin Stephenson (vocals) O’Fallon, Missouri. Background Vocals: Angela Hurt & Daniel Dennis. Songwriters: Christopher Drew Miller, Kiersten Rose.

Kathryn will be releasing a music video for “Your Love Is Enough” later this month June 2020.

Connect with Kathryn Shipley
Facebook: KshipMusic
Instagram: Therealkship
Youtube : kathryn shipley



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