[MUSIC + VIDEO] Agulata Bezi – Tele Izibe (Lift Jesus)

Agulata Bezi - Tele Izibe (Lift Jesus)

Agulaga Bezi, a young Nigerian modern pop gospel performer, has released his much awaited tune “Tele Izibe (Lift Jesus Higher).”

Agulata Bezi, whose real name is Agulata Bezibeyi Geoffrey, is known for his eclectic sound, which combines rock and afrobeat with life-giving gospel melody to produce an Afro-centric gospel sound. In his new body of work, the versatile musician outdid himself, establishing himself as one of the top cats of the new generation of current pop-rock gospel music.

Agulata Bezi conveys his faith and relationship with God with accessible words and a horsky voice on “Tele Izibe,” a song that will fill your spirit with wonderful songs. The peppy music would both rejig your mind and loosen your feet

to sway to the soothing music

“I see myself as a musical preacher, and the Tele Izibe single is my way of reaching out to the world with the gospel through a unique sound that both young and old can relate to.

The Rock Soldiers, as they are known, are a Bayelsa State-born musical minister whose current single has all the ingredients to reach the top of the charts, as Agulata Bezi put his heart and soul into the project. “Tele Izibe” is now available globally for streaming and download via Google search, as well as on all digital platforms.

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