My goal is to fulfill my calling – Natori Blue


Natori Blue, an acclaimed gospel singer who has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of the most inspirational gospel singers including Kirk FranklinWilliam McDowell, Jonathan McReynolds, and Jesus Culture.

Blue disclosed that rejection shaped her to where she was in her career. She said, “people laughed out loud at my music” and from being underestimated, God told her to trust Him and His plan, rather than man’s acceptance, which she had. She attests to the fact that truly following God and listening to Him had made all the difference in her confidence as a singer, writer, and minister as well as an individual.

Read Our Interview with Natori Blue:

Merchantcolony: How do you feel to have been on stage with top musicians in your journey? 

Natori BlueI consider it a blessing. I am humbled to have had the opportunity.

Merchantcolony: What inspired your musical career? 
Natori BlueHa! I don’t believe I had a choice in the matter. God showed me what I’d be doing, and here I am.

Merchantcolony: What narratives have you put out there with your song choices? 
Natori BlueMy music pretty much just screams, “God is AMAZING!” That about sums it up.

Merchantcolony:  Are you satisfied with where you are now? What is the goal? 
Natori BlueI am satisfied. As long as I’m doing what I am called to do, I am exactly where I should be at any given time. My goal is to fulfill my calling. God told me that if His presence is housed in my music, I need not limit the number of people I sing before. So, I’m just following His lead.

Merchantcolony: What challenges have shaped you? 
Natori Blue:  Rejection. Early on, people laughed out loud at my music. Also being underestimated. God told me to trust Him and His plan rather than man’s acceptance, so I have. Truly following Him…listening to Him has made all the difference in my confidence as a singer, a writer, a minister, a person.

Merchantcolony: How was growing up for you? 
Natori Blue: I grew up in a wonderful family. My grandfather was a very well-respected war veteran
and pastor with a heart of gold. He and my grandmother were amazing examples to all who were a part of our family! I was raised in a small town, and I was a determined student, athlete, and the pianist for our Sunday
school until I moved away for college.

Merchantcolony: What’s your latest song about?

Natori Blue: Genesis Chapter 1. I fell asleep studying, and I woke up with this song on my lips. God’s spirit brought light and purpose to the darkness and chaos during creation, and He continues to bring light in the darkest and most confusing seasons.

Merchantcolony: Do you feel pressure being a gospel artiste; to make sounds the secular world needs?  

Natori Blue: Not at all. I write down what I feel, and that’s always good enough for me.

Merchantcolony: How have you made a name for yourself in Texas? 

Natori Blue: By just doing what I’m led to do as excellently as I possibly can…and
always given God His credit. That’s it.

Merchantcolony: Where do you see yourself in five years? 
Natori Blue: (Smiles) still doing His will. 

Merchantcolony: What words would you say to an upcoming musician who wants to do gospel music? 
Natori Blue: Stay true to self. Don’t succumb to the pressure to make your sound and what you do fit into existing categories. Be your own category. God made us all unique. What we produce should reflect that.

Merchantcolony: Are there places you would never sing?

Natori Blue: Hmmmm…that’s a good question. I am definitely one that would rather throw a life raft to those who are drowning, rather than to those who are already onshore. I’ve sang my music in secular venues in the past, and it was incredibly gratifying. The responses I received from people who don’t prefer my type of music and message was amazing. It was all God.

Merchantcolony: Which musicians do you wish to collaborate with in the future?
Natori Blue: Kirk, Natalie Grant, Lecrae, and Tye Tribbett



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