New Music: CHIMOMA O (Psalm 121) – STGREAT [@stgreatideas]


Based on the happenings in the country and the world at large, STGREAT got an inspiration to minister this worship song with the help of the Holy Spirit. 

STGREAT is a great woman of honour.
The graduate of banking and finance, STGREAT also obtained a professional qualification (ACIB) from the Chartered Institute of Bankers. She is a CEO of an outsourcing and consultancy company in Nigeria.

She is currently a student of music at ABRSM, London, United Kingdom and she is married with beautiful children

Speaking concerning the song, It’s time for all to arise and look up to the Lord for help. 
We allshould submit our supplications by praising and thanking God at all times – she shared.


I lift up my eyes unto the hills, 
from there comes my help today, 
my help cometh from the Lord
 who made the heaven and earth
I lift up my eyes unto the hills, 
from there comes my help today oo, 
my help cometh from the Lord ooo, 
who made the heaven and earth
Chimoma o,
 nara ekene Chimoma o,
 nara otito
Onye neme nma, nara ekene.
Lion of Judah, nara otito
Olisa bi nigwe, nara ekene
Mighty man in battle, nara otito
O Chimoma ooo, nara ekene, 
O Chimoma o, nara otito.
He will not suffer my foot,
 my foot to be moved,
 he that keepeth me, 
will not slumber.
He will not suffer my foot, 
my foot to be moved,
 the Lord that keepeth me will not slumber.
Chimoma o, nara ekene.
Chimoma o, nara otito.
Onye neme nma, nara ekene, 
Lion of Judah, nara otito.
Chimoma o, 
Chimoma o, 
Chimoma o, ah!! 
Onye neme nma,
Chimoma nara ekene,
 nara otito, 
eeeh, emela Jehovah nisi,
Chimoma o,
 nara ekene
O Chimoma o, 
nara otito
O Thank you Jesus, nara ekene.
O Thank you Daddy, nara otito.
Thank you, thank you, 
Jehovah leee, Nara ekene
O thank you God, Nara otito
I am so grateful baba ooooo, 
nara ekene.
I am so grateful Jehovah oo,
nara otito….

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