New Music: KELE JEHOVAH by Gifted Markson [@giftedmarkson]


Anointed Nigerian gospel singer/songwriter, praise/worship leader and music director “Gifted Markson” releases a brand new single .

He’s passionate about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through his songs. He is also the convener of House of Judah Music Ministry.

Kele Jehovah -The song which literally means “Praise Jehovah”, is a fast tempo praise song to thank and acknowledge God for all His works in our lives as believers.

Gifted Markson asserts that the song was given to him by God and was not borne out of mere creativity, so only God deserves the glory.




Lyrics: Kele Jehovah by Gifted Markson

Kelerem o/2x

Kelerem Jehovah mo


Kele Jehovah

Onye oma onye ne me nma nara ekele mo


Jehovah onye oma onye ne me nma nara ekele o


He has done so much for me I’ll testfy 

Jehovah has been good to me i can not lie 

As for all that He has done can’t quantify 

Oh oh oh oh 


What this Jehovah did for me nani Jehovah can do it/2x

(Repeat Chorus)

Hey! Hey! 

Call:Jehovah Jireh 

Resp:nara ekele 

Call :Jehovah Nisi oh 

Resp:nara ekele 

Call:Jehovah Shama le 

Resp:nara ekele 

Call: onye ne me nma 

Resp:nara ekele 

Call:onye ne yen nwa 

Resp:nara ekele 

Call:odum ebo Judah le 

Resp:nara ekele 

Call:aka na gwo oria 

Resp:nara ekele 

Call:agu ne chemba o

Resp:nara ekele 

(repeat Chorus) 

Call:Ngwa Jehovah shalom 

Resp:nara ekele 

Call: onye ne yen udo 

Resp:nara ekele 

Call:Jehovah Rapha o

Resp:nara ekele 

Call:aka na gwo oria 

Resp:nara ekele 

Call:onye na bia ozo o

Resp:nara ekele 

Call:Jehovah Jehovah 

Resp:nara ekele 

Chukwu na za epkere


Twitter/Instagram: @GiftedMarkson

Facebook: Gifted Markson


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