Okopi Peterson Drops A New Single ‘Walk away’ (+Video) || @Okopi_peterson  @twcrecordsng


Adikwu, Okopi Peterson, also known as Peterson, is a TWC Records artist and Osuba crooner. Okopi has released the video for


“WALK AWAY,” one of the most streamed songs from the chart-topping Osuba album.

WALK AWAY is a song about total surrender to the father’s will and total reliance on his ability to lead. This lovely song captures the essence of our relationship with God.

It is one of the songs from the Osuba Album that has received a lot of attention around the world because it constantly encourages the audience to trust God as they walk with him.

Tkeyz produced the song, Roland Joel Archy mixed and mastered it, and Amachree the superstar of TWC Studios directed the video.

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Watch the Video below:



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