Peter Ihegie Dishes out a New Album – Higher and Louder


Higher and Louder Album is a 10-track album that includes recently released singles, My Story and Lifter Of My Head. Peter is a Worship leader and songwriter who loves to express himself through the lyrics of his songs with the aim of stirring up listeners in their adoration of God.

It features 10 beautiful inspirational songs of praise, worship, and encouragement for everyone that will listen to them.

It has been Peter Ihegie’s passion to write and sing gospel songs for as long as he can remember.

The title track, Higher and Louder, describes the believer’s resolve to unreservedly offer high praise and worship to God. It comes with a soothing Afro-Caribbean rhythm and vocal ad-libs that will put the worshipper in the right mood to sing and dance with lifted hands unto God.

This is what he believes his ministry is; to serve God and to be a blessing to others. Coming from a family whose roots run deep in church ministry – his father was both church organist and choir director, his sisters double up as music ministers and pastors, and some of his brothers being musicians like himself, it was inevitable that music would be held dear to his heart.

Armed with his gift, which he believes God has blessed him with for a purpose, he faithfully fulfills God’s calling upon his life and helps others in the reverence and worship of God.

Download this album, listen to the songs and be blessed, and also be a blessing by sharing with others.


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