Preye Odede Drops His 3rd Studio Album “No Restriction” (Now Available Online)


Preye Odede’s much-anticipated third album, “No Restriction,” is now available for purchase!

The album arrives four years after the release of his sophomore album, “READY.” It is a collection of professionally produced music pieces that inspires every listener to understand God’s unfeigned love and mercy toward us, bridging the gap (giving us access to Him) through Jesus. On November 28th, 2021, Preye Odede held the “No Restriction” album tour in Bayelsa state. Frank Edwards, Michael Stuckey, Moses Bliss, Prinx Emmanuel, Pamela Scott, and others performed at Preye Odede’s homeland worship and praise concert.






Although this is Preye Odede’s third compilation album, it is the first since establishing the Script Music headquarters in Port Harcourt (an ultra-modern facility that caters to multiple creative needs) and assembling the Script Music management team to oversee the Preye Odede brand’s professional needs.

The album includes collaboration tracks such as “Jigidem” with Michael Stuckey, “Oba” with Bukola Bekes, and “Sold Out” with Pamela Scott. “Ephphata,” “I Worship You,” “Chase After You,” “Becoming,” and other songs on the album are prophetic. On the hardcopy, there are 15 tracks, while the online version has 16 tracks, including two previously released tracks, “Nothing Missing” and “For My Good (Live).”


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