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A brand influencer is an individual who has the power to affect the purchase decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience. An individual who has a following in a particular niche, which they actively engage with.As it is known, Huge advertising budgets and massive PR campaigns are not a substitute for credibility and social proof.
Successful people, brands, and entrepreneurs cannot sideline the role of credibility in every business, the role of credibility and social proof has become everything. That includes personal credibility, the credibility of a brand, business, products, and services e.t.c

Today on this episode of Get familiar with your brand influencers; Brand influencer,  Graduate of  LASU(Lagos State University), B.A Literature in English and the CEO of

Alex Amos discusses the role of credibility and social proof in growing a successful business. Alex goes further to enlighten us on most important things anyone looking to break into the brand influencing industry needs to know

Merchantcolony: We are glad you granted our request for an interview. Thanks for attending this interview.
Aside from being the founder of, who is Alex Dotun Amos?



Alex Amos: Alex D. Amos is a Gospel minister. He has been a Columnist, a freelance writer, an Entertainment &  Feature Editor for Nigerian blogs and online Magazines before taking on the task of filling the vacuole in Gospel Journalism created by the emergence of the ‘New Media’
Merchantcolony: Can you share with us your family and educational background?

Alex Amos:  Alex Is a 2nd child and first son of Idowu Amos Orogun & Mariam Opeyemi Orogun. I adopted “Amos”, which is my dad’s second name in 2011 but legalized it recently. I recently got married to my heartthrob too.Childhood was very beautiful. My parent made sure we were comfortable and lacked nothing. I have so many childhood memories that if I begin to share the interview will end… lol. I studied English & Literature in English at LASU, Ojo, then I moved to LASU School of Communication where I studied Radio and Television Broadcasting. I’m a pastor and Choir coordinator as well.

Merchantcolony: Do You Have Any Hobbies? if yes what is it?Alex Amos: If I have a hobby, it will be movies… That’s all I do at my spare time…

Merchantcolony: What does a typical day in your week look like?Alex Amos: Devotion/studies to work, from work to movies(home or cinema)/or church. And then I repeat the circle again… LolMerchantcolony: What inspired you to go into becoming A brand / social media influencer?Alex Amos: Without being overtly spiritual, I followed an instruction by the Holy Spirit. I didn’t know where it was heading me but I followed anyway and I found myself here.

 I didn’t use to be very sociable online (I don’t think I am today – on my personal page still) but I love to write and I needed to find an audience for my articles so I began to freelance for 2 websites back in 2011. and

I later worked as the Entertainment Editor for where I learned most of what I know about social media and PR. So when I was about to start my brand, I simply followed a nudge in my spirit and here we are today.

Merchantcolony: If You Win $50 Million Lottery, Would You Still Work as a brand influencer?
Alex Amos: Yes. I will. You see when I started SelahAfrik, I was not making a dime from the brand for about 2 years but I did what I was doing anyway. that year, Lara George was on tour in the USA, Bouqui too, Glowreeyah had a new video, Sammie Okposo was organizing the Praise Party, etc and someone was on Twitter asking where Bouqui was. I was in the office where I used to work and I was doing interviews for the Iyanyas, the Omawumis, etc and was feeling the void in my heart to let people know that these Gospel ministers are actually doing good too… that was how it all started. I was unknowingly representing all these people without receiving remuneration for it, for close to 2 years but I was getting fulfillment.

Merchantcolony: Talking about mentorship, whats your point of view?

Alex Amos: I think mentorship is very important, I just don’t believe you have to be in physical contact or relationship with your mentors in all cases. I have mentors but I don’t know most of them personally. I buy their materials, follow them on social media and all but I probably haven’t met most of them in person. Mentorship is very important because every man needs the experiences of those who have gone ahead of them to do greater things in the path they choose.Merchantcolony: Looking at the industry Was There A Person In Your Career Who Really Made An Impact?

Alex Amos: I admire the work of Bella Naija CEO Uchenna Jennifer Eze, also Adebola Williams and Chude Jideonwo of Red Media, I love JJ Omojuwa too. I love the impact of Mr. Victor Igbinigie on the Gospel Entertainment, also Praiseworld Radio CEO Tola Omoniyi and Mr. Perry Martins of Gospotainment too. There are still more but I will like to stop here. I really appreciate the Gospel Entertainment folks because It was really tough and I know a lot of people who started well but backed out for other things, but these ones sacrificed.

Merchantcolony: What are your favorite tools as a social media/ brand influencer?Alex Amos: There are a lot and while I don’t want to be specific, I will say the peculiarity of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and their rules of engagement makes the 3 platforms stand out.

Merchantcolony: If your audience is looking to break into the brand influencing industry, What are the 3 most important things anyone starting in the industry need to know?

Alex Amos: I will tell the person:

A. Numbers don’t lie… do higher numbers!

B. You are as Important as your last content… Keep the contents coming. Keep it juicy!

C. Tell your story creatively… don’t ever join the bandwagon!

Merchantcolony: Numbers don’t lie? that can be likened to be social proof while the 2nd point can be tagged as credibility, Considering these two major keys, how can they be used as tools for a successful business growth?

 Alex Amos: You
see, you cannot really separate the two. As a customer, I want to vet
your credibility before I put my money in your hands, it’s the social
proof that gives me first hand information about what you can offer
before I even contact you, I want to see your followers, your
engagements, activities, predominant content category, etc… so that I
can have more than a head knowledge about  such influencer and his
possible reach. Therefore, an influencer is ever working hard to keep
this social proof impressive. This is credibility that  converts to
income for the influencer.

Merchantcolony: Narrowing it down to Being a brand influencer, What are the top 5 skills an individual need to possess in order to be qualified for a Digital Marketing/brand influencing job?

 Alex Amos:
1. A. Must be social media savvy
2.  Must be skilled in engagement on social media

3. Must have a good command of the written English Language and social media IMs

4. Must have a basic knowledge of standard PR

5. A. Must be a good content creator

6. Must be able to tailor the experience/need of the clients/customers into contents that helps retain the need for service

7. Ability to effectively leverage data to create personal, relevant and engaging customer experiences.

Merchantcolony: What would you say is the #1 key to success in business?

 Alex Amos: Persistency… I will say. You can get knocked over 10 times but if you persist, you will eventually get it right! I think Napoleon Hill spent a whole chapter talking about this in his book.

Merchantcolony: Talking about the biggest failure you’ve had. How did you solve it? and What did you learn from it?

Alex Amos: Failure… none! but challenges… Yes. In 2016 and 2017, my website had this persistent issues that dropped traffic drastically, we solved the issue in mid-2017 but recouping the traffic is an everyday work till date.

Merchantcolony:. What has been your biggest customer success story? Why do you think it was a success?

Alex Amos: I think it gets better every year because the net income keeps beating the previous year. We have worked with quite a number of “big names” but that doesn’t always mean big money

Merchantcolony: What keeps you going when things get tough in your business?

Alex Amos: Passion. There are times that the worst discouragement is not even when income comes in low or technical malfunction. There are times that people can bring discouragement, accusations or betray your trust in such a way that makes you want to pack everything up but when you remember why you got into it in the first place, it’s a reminder of why you cannot quit.

Merchantcolony: Who really influences the media influencers?
Truthfully. It’s the social media space that influences the social media influencers. Trending topics which is carried on by social media users are the greatest asset the influencer uses.

Merchantcolony: On a scale of 1-10, How would you rate brand and media Influencers in Nigeria?
I knew guys as far back as 2009 when Twitter was the in-thing who are now brand executives of major media outfits. These guys are still thriving and expanding frontiers today, all from Nigerian social media space. Also, look at the numbers of those making money off Instagram in Nigeria today… I’d say we are doing good.. On a scale of 1-10 …8!

Merchantcolony: Thank you for doing this interview, Can You Make a Shout out for us as we end this interview?

Alex Amos: Big shout out to Merchant Colony! You guys are doing a great job… and you will do even greater! Thank you for the interview… More grace!

Merchantcolony: Any word of encouragement for our online readers

Alex Amos: – Word of Wisdom:

“Prepare your work outside And make it ready for yourself in the field; Afterwards, then, build your house.” – Proverbs 24:27


Alex Amos CEO of selahAfrik

Amos is a brand influencer who works with individuals and
organizations  He has worked with several organizations which are,, Honesty Entertainment, Wilson Joel & Doxology Music, Wole Oni Music Production (WOMP), Glowreeyah, Sammie Okposo, Ada, Chris Shalom, etc.

He is the founder of SelahAfrik;
an urban online magazine/PR outfit, from the heart of Africa featuring
Glamour, Fashion, Entertainment, Music, Inspiration, Devotional, News
& ; more from a Christian perspective.

Connect with Alex Amos: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook: @Alex_Amos 

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