Roni Readies a Thanksgiving Single ‘Nkhuleka Cha’


Malawian fast-rising gospel singer, pianist, and prolific songwriter best known as Roni readies a brand new single tagged “‘Nkhuleka Cha’, which means I won’t let go.

Roni started singing at a tender age, and her family encouraged and helped her get better and better.

She writes her own music and hopes to bring glory to God’s name in every song she sings. Roni’s mission is to tell the world that Jesus loves them, to tell everyone they have a purpose, and to encourage people to live lives God would be pleased with.

According to Roni, ‘Nkhuleka Cha’, which literally means I won’t let go is coined from the Malawi language.

”This song is about appreciating how God is and always has been our refuge, protecting us through all the trials of life. Because he’s been so good, giving us peace and rest even in the midst of the storm, we will never let go of him but rather hold on forever.
I wrote this song because I want to let God know how much I appreciate his love. When I look back at how many times God has saved me, I often can’t believe how he brought me out of the storm. I believe God protects all of us in so many ways and all we ought to do is thank him for it. This song is just about acknowledging and recognizing how God is God in every situation.
“Teghamira Yesu, ta ba thumbiko, mutende ulipo’wo walayizga” is the chorus of an English hymn titled Like a River Glorious. It translates to “Stayed upon Jehovah, hearts are truly blessed, finding as he promised; perfect peace and rest.” – Roni Shares

Nkhuleka Cha will be out on all digital platforms by the 16th of July 2021.


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