“Serve the National Cake to the Masses or suffer Diarrhea”- Mike Bamiloye


Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has taken to his twitter handle to sound a note of warning to Nigerian politicians. He gave the advice and warning to elite and upcoming politicians who claim to represent the interests of the nation.

Speaking via his twitter handle, he referred to the masses as “guests” and the politicians as “chefs”. In his post, he insisted that the national cake which is meant for the nation is now being consumed by hungry and greedy politicians which shouldn’t be the case.

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In Nigeria, “National Cake” refers to the nation’s wealth accumulated for public use such as health, infrastructure, education and basic amenities. It is used to refer to the good things of life which should be enjoyed by the masses. Unfortunately, the case is not so in Nigeria as a nation which has called for various accusations and admonitions from believers and clergymen alike. It has therefore prompted the recent outcry by popular film maker and Evangelist, Mike Bamiloye.

He said;

‘Parable of the national cake’

You peOple that struggle to go into politics to go and eat the national cake, don’t you see those who ate the cake around us having terrible running STOMACHS all around us? I HAVe not seen anyone eating the national cake and not ending in Diarrhea.

He also added;

MOst people always think the national cake is free FOOD, No! In actual sense, it is free toxin unless it is made free food for the masses it is baked for!

He likened the masses to ‘guests’ who are being starved of their rights and the politicians to ‘chefs’ who do not serve the food to the right guests but instead fatten up their own household. Soon, they begin to suffer multiple underlying ailments.

How does a chef steal tHE POT of food he was paid to prepare for huge guests and uses it to feed his household and leaves the people he was to feed starved?

So that is how i saw many household of chefs dying with diarrhea and terrible constipation and heart burns.

He warned that repentance and even sharing of the national cake is the only solution.


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