TY BELLO reveals last message received from late Ibidun Ighodalo


Nigerian singer, songwriter and photographer,  TY Bello has revealed the last words of Late Ibidunni Ighodalo, wife of Pastor Ituah Ighodalo.

TY Bello posted on her instagram a few days after the death of Late Ibidunni Ighodalo ,a screenshot of the last messages she sent to a day before her demise.

The messages stated the former’s desire to make forty homes happy by helping forty couples bear children as her 40th birthday gift. Information gathered shows that the late wife of pastor Ituah Ighodalo and CEO, Elizabeth R events was said to have lived a life dedicated to helping others in which she engaged selflessly in sponsoring couples who could not bear children naturally by financing the process of an IVF (In vitro fertilization). She cheerfully supported couples who could not afford to go through the process both emotionally and financially to have their own kids. She was an active philanthropist who paid no heed to race,colour or gender when it came to helping humanity.

TY Bello who apart from being the main photographer of the Ighodalo family was also a sister and a close friend to Late Ibidunni. She took to her instagram to share the screenshot while describing what an amazing person she was.

She said;

“This is who she was…this was what she had on her mind. She never forgot others going through the pain of waiting even at the very end.”

The Late Ibidunni had requested to help make forty couples happy by helping them have their own kids through IVF as a 40th birthday gift to herself when she turns forty on the 19th of July which unfortunately she couldn’t see through to.

The sad event of her death occured in the early hours of Sunday in Port- Harcourt, Rivers state.

A lot of people have also taken to their social media pages to share their good memories of her revealing how she has touched various lives in one way or the other.

She is survived by her husband and two children.

Our heartfelt condolences and prayers are with the family and May her gentle soul rest in peace.



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