Shola Allyson Releases new single “Yoo Da” For Free Download off New Album “IMUSE”


Nigeria’s most popular female indigenous singer Sola Allyson releases brand new album ÌMÚSE. The singer also confirmed that she is giving it out for free download.

”So, after all, had been put in place towards the release of my 7th Album, ÌMÚSE, I felt a nudge, a prodding by The MOST SENIOR PARTNER to release it for free!!! Yee! For what? How? Why? That what happened? It doesn’t make sense! How on earth? When it’s not that my works don’t sell! My world is always waiting for my songs! Well, my intellect fought, wriggled, struggled… The money spent, time, energy, MONEY! Ha, my expectations!
I tried to block it off my mind, and went ahead to discuss and “finalize” with Marketers… But my heart, which is sold out completely to nudgings from Above, had to give in! And I have PEACE!
So, if I don’t give in to directions from the realms of The Giver of my gift, whom should I give in to? Fleeting flings with materialism? All these things shall be added!
Well, l’oro kan sha, in summary, ÌMÚSE would be yours for free! Ha, o já mi l’ara je! But I am sure GOD Is faithful and all are working together for the completion of the big picture! ÌMÚSE!
By the way, do you know The MOST SENIOR PARTNER? Have you met HIM? It would be nice and would do you good! ÌMÚSE would introduce you and draw you the more to HIM!
Pray for me! I look Up for strength! I am sure of HIS goodness o, just this jar of clay ni… – Sola Allyson shared.


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