The Holy Spirit used a song by Frank Edwards to birth my song “Merci Dieu” Debbie Allen Discussed


On Merchant Colony Exclusive Interview:

Debbie Allen talks about the New Project

Debbie Allen is a fast-rising sensational gospel recording act, singer-songwriter, music minister and International Relations specialist.
Debbie is a dogged believer and follower of Christ.
She holds a strong belief in the power of God that enables to do exploits in our different works of life. She also believes in walking in the will of God for one’s life to achieve true success and fulfillment.
The International Relations specialist by profession with a heart for surrender to God is on a mission to correct the vices in the churches, communities, the nation-state(Nigeria) and the world as a whole
Talking about how it all started,
MerchantColony: When did you start your music career and who are the people that influenced and inspired you?
Debbie Allen: I started my music career as a chorister during my undergraduate days. Artists like Lara George inspired me as a singer and as I grew in my knowledge of music, artists like Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Mali Music, Nathaniel Bassey, Kim Burrell, Florocka and a host of others inspired me.
Merchant colony: Why gospel music and not other music?
Debbie Allen: Gospel music gives me an opportunity to impact lives through the gospel of light. So for me, this genre is my only option.
Merchantcolony: You are a fast-rising prolific soul vocalist, How do you get inspired to write your songs?
Debbie Allen: I Seek the help of the Holy Spirit when writing songs because l believe as a Christian, no matter the height of my ministry, I can never outgrow the Holy Spirit. I believe the spirit of God is the sole inspiration and sometimes I look forward to correcting the vices in the churches, communities, the nation-state(Nigeria) and the world as a whole.
MerchantColony: How do you train and maintain your vocal quality?
Debbie Allen: I do a regular vocal exercise twice a week (depending on my schedule because this is subject to change). Also, l do an assessment of myself vocally from time to time. I also try to watch my food intake (as regards it’s being an impediment to my vocal delivery) as much as possible.
MerchantColony: Aside from music what else do you do?
Debbie Allen: Aside from music, I write blogs and I am a makeup artist.
MerchantColony: Can you tell us about your educational background?
Debbie Allen: I acquired my BSCE degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at the Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti with a second class(upper division).I also have little knowledge of french which inspired Merci Dieu.
MerchantColony: You recently released your debut single and its visuals Merci Dieu, what inspired you to write that song and what’s the message??
Debbie Allen: Merci Dieu came as inspired by the Holy Spirit during my service year at the Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship family house.

It was shocking the Holy Spirit used a song by Frank Edwards ft Chee-“Here to sing” to birth the song too.

Merci Dieu came out from a place of gratitude to God for his amazing grace and love towards me as l had(and still have)to walk my salvation with fear and trembling as l fell and rose a number of times and still the spirit of God kept upholding till l started maturing to the true of nature of Jesus.

Therefore the song reaches out to Christians who fall and rise and think they can never get it right spiritually or are too much of a sinner to still have a relationship with God. Merci Dieu came as a help by the Holy Spirit so as our relationship with God.

MerchantColony: After the audio and video release of your song Merci Dieu, what’s next and what are you working on currently?
Debbie Allen: I just released  another single this month.Aside that l also have a website, I will be writing blogs reaching out to Christians on the truths l have come to discover in my journey of salvation by the grace of God
Aside that, I am also working on my website which will be launched alongside my new single. On the website, l will be writing blogs reaching out to Christians on the truths l have come to discover in my journey of salvation by the grace of God.
MerchantColony: Would you like to collaborate with any Nigerian gospel act? Who would that be?
Debbie Allen: Yes,
Nathaniel Bassey, Florocka, Onos, Victoria Orenze, Mercy Chinwo and a host of others.
MerchantColony: Taking it out if Nigeria, Which foreign gospel artist(s) would you love to collaborate with?
Debbie Allen: Well, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Kierra Sheard, Jessica Reedy, Travis Greene, Todd Dulaney, Donnie McClurkin and a host of others.
Once again thank you for doing this interview.
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