Tribe Music Sets to Release New Project – ‘Lavish Live’


Contemporary Worship Music Band, a musical expression best known as Tribe Music a music team of The Tribe Lagos Church based in Lagos State, Nigeria has announced the Release of their New Project – ‘Lavish Live’.

Just almost 2 years after the release of their last project, Tribe Music is set to release another body of work – ‘Lavish Live’. This project, like their debut worship album, is inspired by God’s actions to love us unconditionally as documented in John 3:16 and 1 John 3:1 amongst others.

Lavish Live is a collection of remixed and remastered originals from their debut worship album Lavish which was released in December 2018 featuring some of the band members like Helen, Segun Samson, Olla with a few others.

With the introduction of new band members, the project gives their debut album a fresh interpretation in sound and presentation. Nailed to the Tree originally written and performed by Judah Danjumah has been announced as the official single of the project which was released on Friday 11th September and was performed by Sinmidele. With a soft and tender voice, Sinmidele breathed new life into the song in a way no one would have expected.

Speaking with Diazno the lead producer of the album who also is a member of the band he said: “We honestly can’t wait to share these songs with you all, singing about God’s unrelenting love can never get old… I hope you find the words and tunes refreshing…”Lavish Live features five songs performed and covered by Recording Artists and Musicians like Segun Samson, Nonmso Diali and Olanrewaju Diali, Sinmidele and Helen Onyeri.

In a brief chat with the Ferdy Adimefe, the Executive Producer of the Project, he said: “Think about that word lavish yet again. God qualifies as love with a descriptive word it comes across to us like excess extravagance, almost wasteful abundance. We can never overestimate it if at all we run the risks of underestimating His love for us… This is what this project is about”

Tribe Music is a musical movement that propagates themes of spirituality, cultural renewal, and social consciousness. With the liberty to experiment, they play with indigenous  Nigerian sounds infused with contemporary worship sounds – ranging from rock to neo-soul, alternative, Rock, house to dance hall, Afropop to R&B, and everything in between.

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