Most common answers successful people, authors, and entrepreneurs give about why they do what they do. “It’s not about the money”,  there’s nothing inherently wrong with money or the acquisition of it. But it shouldn’t be the source of motivation in business.

Today on this episode of Get  familiar with your brand influencers; Brand influencer,  Graduate of  O.O.U, B.A in English and the CEO of  Afroobadoo Media.

Yinka Rahman enlightened on the importance of passion in every business. Yinka goes further to motivate us from his personal experience on how passion has played a significant role in growing his business.

Merchantcolony: We are glad you granted our request for an interview.Thanks for attending this interview.
Can We meet you?
Yinka Rahman: I am Yinka Rahman 

Merchantcolony: can you tell us about your family background
Yinka Rahman: I’m from a family of  7, I’m the second child and the first male of my family
Merchantcolony: Can you discuss with us Your Educational Background?

Yinka Rahman: I had my alma mater at Otta, in Ogun state where I was born. I later moved to Olabisi Onabanjo University for my tertiary education where I obtained B.A in English and served in Delta state.

Merchantcolony: That’s Awesome, what inspired a graduate of English language from such a prestigious citadel of learning to becoming a brand / social media influencer?

Yinka Rahman: It was spontaneous though. I was just tweeting for fun. Then, the name of my twitter handle was badoojokes… so when I started seeing responses, I was getting encouraged then I was keeping it up. it got to a point when a very close friend of mine who had very large followers on twitter started making money. He started receiving calls from people that they wanted to run some adverts on his twitter handle, that was when I was motivated to go into it officially cos at first I never thought such a profession could fetch a huge amount of money. so that was how it started. I rebranded myself to Afrobadoo Media
Merchantcolony: Interesting, considering the passion that triggers the move…if You Win $100 Million Lottery, Would You Still Work as a brand influencer?

Yinka Rahman: Lol. Yes I would still work as a brand influencer I will invest in brand influencing, Get a very big office, empower more people, start up an online TV and radio etc

Merchantcolony Media: That’s interesting, sounds like we should expect more from Mr. Yinka as far as brand influencing is concerned?

Yinka Rahman: Yes by God’s grace 

Merchantcolony: Apart from being an influencer, Do You Have Any Hobby? if yes what is it?

Yinka Rahman: Hmmmm, Hobby?  I dropped all hobbies for browsing o … I really don’t know what I like most asides being online sometimes ago I used to play football but now, not anymore
Merchantcolony: How about movies?

Yinka Rahman: Movies, but now seldom

Merchantcolony: Hmmm I see, What are your favorite tools as a social media/ brand influencer?

Yinka Rahman: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, YouTube
Merchantcolony: Talking about mentorship, whats your point of view and do you have any?
Yinka Rahman: There is nothing wrong with having a mentor but I don’t have a mentor.

Merchantcolony: Was There A Person In Your Career Who Really Made An Impact?

Yinka Rahman: Hmmmm, My dad, from day one. I’m not the lucky type when it comes to help and aid. Anytime the going gets tough, it’s being my dad and also one uncle of mine Wale Adiatu
He has a good heart, but I’m not the type that turns burden on people.
He was always ready to help. 
He sent me money severally when I was in school as well.
Merchantcolony: What are the 3 things anyone starting in the industry need to know?

Yinka Rahman: Well,
Firstly, the person needs to know that nothing good comes easily. Being an influencer can be tedious from the start. The person must be very ready to spend lots of money on data and staying online.
Secondly, the person should not be money motivated. Passions should be put into consideration if he is not deriving joy from it. 
It’s advisable he stops and find something else to do.
Merchantcolony: How do you mean on point number 2?

Yinka Rahman: For example, anyone starting and wanting money to start rolling in instantly is only deceiving himself or herself. Passion comes first, he should be dedicated and give himself a standard. Branding is very important. Don’t just do things anyhow. Brand yourself. Though, as earlier stated money might not come in at first, and money might come in at first as well. Depending on how attractive the brand is.

Merchantcolony: Considering this 3 things, Can we really say this is what keeps you going when things get tough in your business?

Yinka Rahman: Yes bro, although It wasn’t easy. I shed tears at a point particularly during those times when my colleagues were making sales and I wasn’t making any. But I never let it weigh me

Merchantcolony: That’s serious, which mean passion keeps the fire burning

Yinka Rahman: Yeah, I even thought of selling my twitter account and focus on some other things
But I just couldn’t, the passion was always there.
I kept on pushing until I had massive followers on my platform and people started getting attracted to it

Merchantcolony: From your experience and also as an advice to up and coming brand influencer, 
What would you say is the #1 key to success in business?

Yinka Rahman: The key to success is perseverance. In each of your actions to become successful one must realize that quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit even if you fail, keep trying till you get it right; That’s the secret
 Really, No one celebrates a failure. No one will know you when you are still struggling. But when it’s done, they feel you went through nothing but in you, you know you  went through hell

Merchantcolony: On a scale of 1-10 is more like rating Nigerian brand Influencers based on the impact they are making

Yinka Rahman: 10/10  Nigerian brand Influencers are very independent. TV stations, radio stations, and newspaper company,  politicians, event planners, artists all of them make use of digital platforms to push their brands which makes the role of brand influencers inevitable.
Merchantcolony: Thank you for attending this interview once again
Yinka Rahmon CEO afrobadooMedia

Yinka Rahmon is a brand influencer who works with individuals and organizations  He has worked with several organizations which include brands like Edge records, Don Maseratti Entertainment, Penzarville Africa, Star, Forex Trade, Merrybet,  etc. 

He is the founder of Afrobadoo Media Nigeria, an online blog dedicated to giving updates on the latest Gist, News, Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, Lifestyle, Music, and Videos.  

Connect with Yinka Rahmon: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook: @afrobadoomedia

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