Video: Chris Shalom & Wordbreed | Christ The King (Wordbreed Worship Service) | August Edition



Chris Shalom and the Wordbreed Worship Group presents the August edition of the Wordbreed Worship Service tagged “Christ the King.”

A much-needed move as the world is winning the battle over the global pandemic, Chris Shalom and the Wordbreed Worship Group serenades the atmosphere with worship declaring Jesus’ reigns overall.

He is the head of all principalities and power.

This month’s edition focuses on the Supremacy of Christ and the assurance we stand on, knowing fully well that no matter the circumstance, we cannot be defeated. We are therefore urged to respond with the right atmosphere, thereby Joining Chris Shalom and the Wordbreed in worship, a potent weapon of spiritual warfare.

The Wordbreed Worship Service kicked off about 4 years ago. Shalom recently delved into the journey of the Wordbreed Worship Service from the inception in 2017, although the pandemic prompted an urgency. The last 2 month’s edition has been quite explosive with many testimonies pouring in. The August edition promises to be even better.


Let this worship service fill your homes with the victorious presence and life that is in Christ. He is King and He reigns supreme!

Watch the video below:



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