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Merchantcolony Exclusive: Laerryblue discusses his career as a Digital marketing strategist

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May we know you?
My name is Alaka Olanrewaju Mayowa, Laerryblue Media CEO, I am an Entrepreneur – a digital PR, PR expert, Talent Manager, German Language instructor and Translator.
Our research shows everybody knows you as “Laerryblue”. How did you come about the name?
My little experience in Germany made me discover my name is pronounced laerry and I decided to name myself “Laerryblue”. Since my best colour is blue. it is unique and nobody bears that in the world. Since then, people have known me as laerryblue.

Are you married or single?
Very single, let me clear the air, those rings I wear in my pictures on Social Media are all fashion rings. Am single and searching.

Can you tell us about your educational background?

I graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University ile-Ife I studied German Language. 
My primary and secondary school was in Ibadan.
What is your family background like?
A polygamous family, Mr Alaka likes to fire gan.lol
How did you discover yourself as a digital marketing strategist??
It all started from my University days at Obafemi Awolowo University, I was really addicted to my phone that I press my phone 24-7 and couldn’t even do without the internet for a second, then it occurred to me that I could use my phone to start making money.
Later I found myself sending Broadcast Messages (BC) on bbm. At some point  I started charging N1,000 per BC and people were getting great results.
I had over 4,000 bbm contacts during the period. Then I started helping clients build their Instagram pages with real and active Nigerian Instagram followers then I added more services.

What inspired you to become a digital marketing strategist?

One of the best ways to make money in the world is to create solutions to certain problems and one of the problems I solve daily is to help businesses increase their audience, engagement and help them advertise their businesses to target audience. I must say solving problems by creating solution.

What are the challenging moments you’ve ever faced being a digital marketing strategist?

“Trust” Mehn , growing any business is never easy, people were always sacred I would run away with their money. lol , I would have to send my pictures , convince them they can trust me and do a good a good Job for them, But now it’s a different ball game, all I get is “laerry I got your contact from a friend , said you are good, next thing please forward your account details. Lol
We have alots of digital marketing strategist today, what makes you different?
Funny enough we are all the same, but what makes us different is the special way we do our things and trust me I am unique in my own way. I help African Brands use the social media to target potential customers both geographically and by interests. With my vast experience I understand the African business terrain. I use this knowledge to enhance my services to the African market, dealing with businesses from all sectors/industries.
Is there anything else you do apart from being digital marketing strategist?
I manage and Promote Talents, I instruct and translate German Language, also work as the Public Relations Manager for Roomiesconnect – web and mobile app-based platform facilitating the pairing of like-minded individuals as potential flatmates.
Are you fully a digital marketing strategist or just based on part time? Digital marketing is my calling, I am fully into the field.

Mr Laerryblue our research reveal that you also manage artiste..How do you strike a balance being an artiste manager and a digital marketing strategist ?

Artiste Management is a field a digital Marketer could look into because artiste management has to do with Promoting Artistes and the promotion phase and plugins will be easier for a digital Marketer, its is not really difficult to manage any talent once there is finance and you have good content to promote,you are half way there.

Do you have a team working with you and you want to employ more people?

Yes I have a great team and looking forward to working with more people .
What advise do you have for up and coming digital marketing strategist out there?
Everybody want to blow quick, me sef I wan blow but person need dey consistent.
“What is worth doing at all is worth doing well” and “Whatever you don’t have now it means you don’t need it”

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