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On Merchant Colony Exclusive Interview: Yadah talks on what to expect from her concert “YALIC”


Fast-Rising gospel singer and songwriter Yadah talks on what to expect in her forthcoming concert tagged YALIC (Yadah Live in Concert).

YADAH, is an Abuja based singer, songwriter, and fast-rising proud minister of the gospel and the voice of Jesus to nations.

Apart from being a gospel act, Yadah is also a professional fashion designer from cross river state, Nigeria.

Merchant colony: Can you tell us about your family background?

Yadah: I am the first among 6 great children born to a pastor and his beautiful wife.

Merchantcolony: Tell us about your educational background.

Yadah:  I have a primary school leaving certificate, JSCE result, WASSCE and B.Ed Economics from Nasarawa state university keffi  (haha. Don’t look at me like that please ?)

Merchantcolony:  What is Music like? How has it been in the Music industry?

Yadah: Pretty great. It’s something I love, so no hard feelings… Just some challenges here and there as is normal with every of man’s endeavors. Aside from that, I am having the time of my life!!!


Merchantcolony: Concerning your upcoming concert (YALIC) in Abuja, What are your expectations?


Yadah: I expect to see people. Family, friends, mentors. Everyone!!!
Of utmost importance is my earnest desire to see that joy on people’s faces when the true gospel is shared, faith stirred up in the hearts of men and salvation received.  That’s the drive. That the knowledge of the SON (Christ) is loud and clear everywhere.

Merchantcolony: Can you share your underway plans for this concert?

Yadah: Awwwwn. Could be nice to share. But why cut the cake when it isn’t party time yet? Besides, it’s just a few days away [soft grin..] See you there lovelies.

Merchantcolony: Please tell the suppose audience what to expect while coming for the concert.

Yadah: Expect to hear the gospel. I come with nothing but good news. Expect light. Illumination everywhere. Expect to be led to worship,  because the anchor of our salvation is good and faithful. It is an outburst of the soul … Unrestricted outburst!!!

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Merchantcolony: How have you prepared to meet the high expectations of the audience?

Yadah: The most high reigneth. Their expectations cannot be higher what Yahweh is set to do. Hahaha.
The thing is, those who are hungry for the true reason why we praise, would be fed. Come hungry and eat ….free of charge!!!

Merchantcolony: Share your success story so far in the music industry.

Yadah: Errrrrrrrmmmm… SUCCESS story you say? That’s some great reason to shout.
I am a little girl God has helped. With people, resources, the right people. I can only but say I have been helped…

And I keep learning and growing, relying on my father to do with me what he wills, which is to reconcile men to God. So whenever I see reviews “like your song opened my eyes to God’s love”. Oh, what joy!!! that’s a success and I am so glad.

Merchantcolony: What challenges have you faced growing in the industry?

Yadah: Basically, sometimes not fitting into the package the market wants. But you see, they must hear!!!


Merchantcolony: Seeing your keen interest in Fashion, What would you say on the excessive Fashion life mixed with the Christian life?
Yadah: Excessive fashion life mixed with Christian life… I’d say it has the same effect as every other excessive thing. That will be a distraction. Nothing should be done in excess.  Except sharing the gospel with people, studying and praying. Everything else should be done in moderation.

Merchantcolony: Define Modesty in clear terms relate to a Christ-like lifestyle.

Yadah: Modesty is not to be on any extremes. so I really don’t know how to relate that with Christlikeness. because that man loved us to the extreme. So help me with this one.


Merchantcolony: Thanks for doing this interview.
Yadah: Thank you for having me. Thanks for your contribution to the work.

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