Yanmife Ajolore has released her second single, HALLOWED.


Yanmife brings a new splash of color to the canvas known as music with the song HALLOWED. This tune sprang from a profound conviction that Jesus Christ is the purpose for our being and that He alone is sanctified in all the heavens and the earth. Yanmife is a music artist, songwriter, and vocalist. Her passion for music has been with her for many years. She began writing songs and singing at the age of ten and had her first studio recording at the age of fifteen.

She has taken part in a number of live recordings and concerts, including the Healing Worship Abuja and the Healing Worship Ilorin. She was also a part of Proskuneo the live recording in 2018, as well as Proskuneo season 2, the live recording which was staged in 2020, and on both occasions she shared the stage with her father, Pst. Tosin Ajolore, and Music Minister Toyi Ajolore.

She has also served in Nigeria, Ghana, and other countries. She is now a voice that will shock the music business all around the world. In the year 2020, she released her debut song, a Christmas medley. She has recently released her second song, Hallowed, which was recorded live.

Listen and Download below:

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Watch the video below:

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Hallowed is written by Yanmife Ajolore
Arranged by Yanmife Ajolore and Wale Adeoye (CLESOUNDZ)
Produced by Wale Adeoye (CLESOUNDZ)
Mixed and mastered by Wale Adeoye (CLESOUNDZ)
Directed by Charlie Gold.


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